Transformational Accountancy

'What on earth does that mean?'

Simply put, transformational accountancy is about changing the way you manage your finances, for good. At Steel Accountants, we’re passionate about helping businesses work their way out of difficult situations and we specialise in finding smart, digital solutions to your problems.

For many accountants, a messy spreadsheet and a pile of crumpled receipts would be a nightmare - but to us it's an opportunity for major transformation...

So, if you've found yourself looking at your accounts thinking, "what a mess", you're in the right place!

Let's find a smart solution.

Your Outsourced Finance Department

We specialise in providing remote, outsourced financial service to companies who are too small for an in-house Finance Department and too big or busy to keep doing it themselves.

We can provide everything you'd expect from a Finance Department, from purchase ledger specialists to a Finance Controller, and are extremely experienced in change management. We can integrate with various departments in your business, helping to drive out inefficiencies by adopting the latest technologies and digital advances.

We know how to drive implementation of new systems across multiple functions in your company, from Purchasing and Expensing to HR and Paperless Offices. Then, as your trusted partners, we can work with and train your current team in the new systems or support you in hiring new staff to meet your evolving business needs.

Which Industries Do We Work With?

We have clients in almost every sector across the UK, and would be delighted to work with your businesses whatever industry you operate in.

However, we do have specific, extensive experience in working with Property, Law, Technology, Construction & Trades.


Are you a Landlord or Property Developer?
We can provide specialist accounting services, with extensive experience in this field of accounts.


We can provide accounting services for your legal firm, with a clear understanding of the Solicitors Accounts Rules, and experience in handling client funds too.


Do you run a tech company?
We can provide accounting services including dealing with accounting for stock and high volumes of purchase ledger transactions with international imports and exports.

Construction & Trades

Are you a plumber, electrician or builder?
We can provide specialist accounting services and prepare CIS returns whether you’re a contractor or a subcontractor, as well as helping you deal with Domestric Reverse Charge VAT for the construction industry.

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